CNC Turn-/Mill Parts

Turned parts, e.g. environmental technology from stainless steel and tempered steel (galvanized)

Heat / Surface Treatment

• Heat and surface treatment by external partners nearby
• Marking with Dot Peen Engraving, Marking Roller or Punch

Production Range

Completely manufactured on CNC-Turn-/Mill Center
Chucked turned parts, machining of cold formed parts


Ø16 up to Ø90mm
Ø40 up to Ø150mm as chucked parts
Length max. 250mm

Production Size

Small and medium-volume series, Prototypes / Samples


All common material, special materials on request

Mixing unit

For environmental engineering

Material CuZn39Pb3

Completely machined on a 5-axis CNC-Turn/Mill center with milling, face and transverse threads as well as drill hole


For sensor technology

Material Aluminum AW-6082

Completely machined on a CNC-Turn-/Mill Center with Ø70mm, AF55mm milled with simultaneous forward and reverse machining

Tolerances IT7


For fluid technology

Material Stainless Steel 1.4571

Completely manufactured on a CNC-Turn-/Mill Center, Outlet Ø50mm

Surface Ra 0.8

Tolerances IT7


For mechanical engineering

Material Aluminum AW-2011

Machined on a CNC-Turn-Center with 2 chuckings loading Ø120mm, and face drills and threading

Surface Rz 16

Tolerances IT7